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OASIS brochures


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New projects and products from the OASIS workshops


13 collaborative projects were initiated thanks to 9 OASIS workshops that were organised in 7 different countries during the project lifetime. They are long-term cooperations between facility and an SME to develop a new product, system or service.
These projects will have a bigger effect on the whole ecosystem of the photonics applied in Life Sciences in the Eropean Union and will lead to further collaborations between various research facilities and end users in Life Sciences and photonics SMEs.

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Services from photonics clusters


This report presents a set of services that can be offered by photonics clusters to help SMEs active in Biophotonics to reach medical and agrifood markets. Services to increase the visibility and improve the accesibility of Life Science infrastructures are presented as well.

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SMEs' needs in the next years


This report points out the needs of the SMEs working in the fields of Biophotonics that have been discovered thanks to the OASIS activities

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OASIS Workshop Uppsala "Light-Based Solutions for Agriculture, Veterinary and Ecology"


The last OASIS workshop was held at the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala on May 19 and 20, 2016. This workshop was co-organized by the Public Private Partnership Photonics21 and had a particular focus on applications for end-users from the fields of agriculture, veterinary and ecology. It gathered more than 60 participants from the seven countries of the OASIS consortium and from Finland. It was a good mix of end-users (about 1/3), representatives from companies (about 1/3) and from academies and clusters (about 1/3). The workshop has been successful, with an excellent programme, and has generated many new connections which for sure will result in collaborations on new products and research and innovation projects. This OASIS workshop was longer and larger than all previous ones and its success shows that such a format seems to be very suitable for most players involved.

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This short movie describes the project objectives and its ambition

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