Workshop in Digital Photomicrography

October.19.2015 09:37 pm - October.23.2015 09:37 pm | Stockholm

Photomicrography is a powerful tool used for the documentation and presentation of information achieved from research. Despite much effort and intense preparation, the photographic end results are often not satisfactory for technical reasons. Because digital photo equipment has advanced so rapidly, there are now numerous products for analysing and measuring samples. This new technology often requires completely new photographic knowledge and approaches used to complement computer skills.
The Swedish Bioimaging network is supporting this workshop with a grant.There is also a special grant for traveling expenses.

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Target population

The course has been developed for post graduate students and researchers in various fields of biomedical engineering who need practical knowledge about microscopy and imaging techniques useful for the photo documentation of their work.


After completing the course the participants will have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of optical microscopy and be able to use appropriate presentation methods for conveying their research results in a clear and informative way. Multimedia software and image processing software will be used including Adobe Photoshop® as well other digital microscopy software for image acquisition.

Course overview & registration fee

  • This course has a strong theoretical and hands-on component evenly distributed over the five days.
  • The workshop explores in good depth fundamentals of brightfield microscopy as well as various other microscopy techniques such as fluorescence and phase. A significant amount of content is alsodedicated to electronic imaging and image processing using Adobe PhotoShop ®
  • This is an approved PhD course at both KTH Royal Institute of Technology (number HL201U) and Karolinska Institutet (code 2855) and has a credit value of 1,5 point. The workshop is also a contract education available for researchers in various fields of biomedical engineering *
  • The registration fee (ncludung lunch) for the course is free for students and 2 500 SEK for other categories of participants*. We also have traveling grants for students. The number of participants are limited to 18 participants.
  • Application deadline is 1 october 2015.

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