Project Overview

OASIS means Open the Access to Life Science Infrastructures for SMEs. The project aims to take advantage of existing european resource to reduce time to market in Biophotonics by providing to SMEs an easy access to facilities, to renowned experts and funding services.

Project Description

The OASIS project aims to improve the links between life science facilities, research projects and product development. Thanks to OASIS, the previous large investments in biophotonics will be more accessible to SMEs to allow a competitive advantage in new products development and validation.

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All the partners are involved in all workpackages.

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The partners of OASIS are 9 Photonics Clusters from 7 countries: France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain. All these clusters are involved in initiatives supporting biophotonics at the regional or national level and they have defined together the OASIS Support Action.

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A consortium with a pluridisciplinary team : physicists, biologists, engineers and specialists in photonics markets !

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