A consortium with a pluridisciplinary team : physicists, biologists, engineers and specialists in photonics markets !


As the coordinator, OPTITEC will be involved in the whole management of OASIS project. OPTITEC has an extensive experience in the development of relationships between business and technical research labs, it has led many developments and R&D projects.OASIS will for OPTITEC be a way to reach the objective to improve the SMEs position on new markets.

Katia Mirochnitchenko

OASIS Coordinator

Katia Mirochnitchenko, Ph.D in Economics, Director of Optitec. Following her Ph.D in Industrial Economics at the University of Aix-Marseille, K. Mirochnitchenko began her career in a regional technology transfer organisation, as Project Manager for the development of a database for the valorisation of the available technology resources in the region. In June 2004, K. Mirochnitchenko joined POPsud as manager in charge of the organization of the network and relations with members. In May 2007, she was appointed Deputy Director.


Cecilia Pinto

OASIS scientific coordination and management

Cecilia Pinto has been working as a researcher and teacher in Physics and Astrophysics for 9 years in the context of EU-funded projects and large international collaborations. She hold a MSc. degree in Physics and a PhD degree in Astrophysics from the University of Florence. She started her career at the Paris Observatory as Postdoc in the framework of the “Astronet-STARFORMAT” project (FP7), focusing on radiative transfer modelling. Later, she worked as a research engineer at the Marseille Astrophysics Institute on the analysis of images and spectra obtained as part of the European Space Agency’s and NASA’s space mission Herschel. She recently joined the optitec team to work on the scientific coordination and management of the OASIS project.


Francesca Rossi 

Francesca Rossi is Researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara”, of the Italian National Research Council. Her skills are in the studies of light-tissue interactions. At present her research interests include experimental an theoretical studies on the temperature dynamics during light irradiations of bio-tissue. She is involved in the coordination of research activities in the framework of several regional, national and European projects, with a focus on the development of new surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic laser-based approaches in Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Neurosurgery, etc. She is author of more than 30 papers published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals; she is author of 6 patents.


Roberto Pini 

Roberto Pini, physicist, is a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Applied Physics (CNR IFAC) of the CNR in Sesto Fiorentino, where he is the leader the Biophotonics and Nanomedicine Lab (BNLab). He is also a professor at the University of Florence, at the Depts. of Physics and Medicine and Surgery. His main research interests are related to studies to nanomedicine, microscopic analyses on photothermal modifications of proteins, development of new medical laser devices, preclinical and clinical studies. He is carrying out these studies with a focus on translational research, acting as a coordinator of OPTOSCANA and partner in several projects and networks at European, Italian and Regional (Tuscany) levels, as well as the responsible of a number of research contracts with enterprises, private research centres and hospitals. He is also a co-author of more than 200 scientific publications, including 6 books, and of 18 patents.


Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz

Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz has a PhD degree in physics from the Swiss Technical Institute of Technology in Lausanne. He has been working for more than 15 years at the research institute Acreo in Stockholm with different roles from specialist, group manager and director of the collaboration in photonics with KTH, the KPRC. He started his own consulting company in 2010 and is now working as a consultant for both Acreo and PhotonicSweden.


Frank Lerch

Frank Lerch studied Business Administration at Free University Berlin and University of Warwick (England). He did research on industrial economics and network management at Free University Berlin, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland), the University of Arizona (Tucson, USA) and the University of Armed Forces in Hamburg. He holds a PhD in Business Administration. He is co-founder of Dahlem Research & Consulting Group GmbH. He joined OpTecBB in Sept. 2012 as Managing Director.


Christian Seim

Christian Seim studied medicine for two years at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, before deciding to study Physics at the Technische Universität in Berlin, where he received his MSc degree in Physics in 2010. He joined OpTecBB e.V. early 2014 and is also employed by the Max-Born Institut and the Berlin Laboratory for innovative X-ray technologies (BLiX), where he is just finishing his PhD on laboratory transmission X-ray microscopy with a focus on applications, such as imaging of high-pressure inactivated bacterial endospores and the penetration of nanoparticles in human skin.


Roberta Ramponi

Roberta Ramponi is full professor at POLIMI. She is co-author of more than one hundred peer-reviewed papers in international journals. Her research has covered a wide range of activities in Optics and Photonics with a strong focus in Biophotonics and specifically in Optofluidics. Roberta is vice-president of the International Commission of Optics, member of the Board of the Stakeholders and of the Executive Board of the European Technology Platform Photonics21 and chair of Work Group 7 (Research, Training and Education).


Gianluca  Valentini

Gianluca Valentini is full professor at the Department of Physics at POLIMI. He is co-author of more than one hundred peer-reviewed papers in international journals. He is mainly involved with researches on the development of advanced spectroscopic and imaging techniques for medicine (molecular imaging) and biology, including the development of optical diagnostic devices and systems for biomedical applications from lab to bedside. He has a long-standing expertise in technology transfer.


Sergio Saez

Sergio Sáez is an industrial engineer specialized in robotics, industrial automation and control by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). He holds an MBA from ESADE. After six years working as Operations Manager in a large service company, he decided to start an entrepreneurial project, Citywalks that led him to gain experience in the development, production, financing and marketing of new products. Now he is leading the SECPhO cluster generating new business opportunities for SECPhO members and leading the photonics sector in Spain.


Vaclovas Radvilas

Vaclovas Radvilas has a background in Physics and Management of Modern Technologies and MSc degree in Photonics Engineering, Nano and Bio Photonics which he obtained during the Europhotonics Erasmus Mundus program. During two years of studies, he worked in Europe´s top photonics research institutes such as Institute Fresnel in Marseille, France, Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP) in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) and ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain. He started his career at SECPhO in October 2012 and is responsible for cluster support to member in internationalisation and participation in Horizon2020 as well as manages cluster´s participation and coordination of European projects.


Guus Taminiau

Guus Taminiau became secretary of Photonics Cluster Netherlands (PCN) in 2005. Since 2013 he has a fulltime job within PCN. From 1975 to 1999 he was a teacher at the Academy of Engineering in Rijswijk (now a days the Haagse Hogeschool in Delft). From 1994 to 1999 he was head of the department Applied Physics. In 1989 he initiated the major-course Photonics on engineering level. After his educational career he worked for two companies. Lasertec BV which was a spin-off company of the Academy of Engineering focusing on Laser Material Processing. And finally he worked at Baas R&D (now a days Signal & System Technik GmbH). A contractor company focusing on Fibre Optic Sensing for especially railway applications. At this moment he is also secretary of PhotonicsNL: our new association aiming on combining forces in the Netherlands and to become the unique Dutch platform on Photonics.


Dick Sterenborg

Dick (H.J.C.M.) Sterenborg received a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from the University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 1982 and he has been active in Biomedical Optics Research since then. In 2008 he was appointed Professor of Photodynamic Therapy at the Erasmus University. Since 2013 he is back at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam where he now runs the Biomedical Spectroscopy Unit. His main focus of research is currently diagnostics and monitoring of disease.


Denis Tregoat

Dr. Denis Trégoat received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Rennes. He was involved in development of photonics component (optical fibres, planar waveguide, III-V laser chips) in the research labs of Alcatel (1986-2000) and Highwave Optical Technologies. He then started a new activity at PERFOS, a R&D platform on specialty optical fibre, now named Photonics Bretagne, a Photonics regional cluster where he is currently Secretary General and project manager in Biophotonics.


Stefano Taccheo

Associate Professor, Degree from Politecnico di Milano in Nuclear Engineering (1989), Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano 1996 and Associate Professor in 2004. Associate Professor at Swansea University 2007. Interest on fibre, waveguide and bulk laser in the visible/IR range for medicine, communications and manufacturing applications. Developer of diode-pumped Er:Yb doped bulk laser