Two H2020-ICT-2016-2017 proposals were prepared and are waiting for the reviewers’ comments

This success story is related to the networking activities of OASIS partners and workshop attendance.

Three keywords describing the story:

  1. European Project
  2. Partner search
  3. Networking
  4. Workshop


During the last year of OASIS, Researchers from the CNR-IFAC were preparing twoproposals to be submitted to the ICT-29-2016 Biophotonics call project.

One proposal was about an eye imaging device, the other one was about photoacoustics detection of skin cancer.

In order to build up the two consortia, and in particular to find the key role partners, i.e. the clinical end-user, they asked to OPTOSCANA to find them, thanks to the OASIS clusters contacts.

The workshops that were held in Aix en Provence and in Amsterdam played an important role: the first direct contacts between possible partners were set up in the framework of these two OASIS events, and finalized afterwards.

The partners that were directly involved in the partner search were: OPTOSCANA, OPTITEC, PNL, Photonics Bretagne and SecPho.